Hi and welcome to Addicted to Ice, where I feel I need to make it clear that this page is not about being addicted to “ICE” as in Crystal Meth!!! Obviously I thought of the website name before I realized it had anything to do with drugs and it is rather unfortunate … So … If you have arrived here looking for Crystal Meth I would advise you to see a medical professional or Drug Councilor.

I just want to crunch it!

My Story.

So the type of Ice that I’m addicted to is a lot more boring than that but certainly not as bad for me!! My addiction is to plain old Frozen Water – but my do I love it!! I’m the first to admit that I’ve never had a good diet, some of this is because I’m Autistic, and the rest because I’m Lazy! I have had various health problems in the past and have learned about Nutrition and Supplements to help me with these problems. In some areas I have had dramatic success and some outstanding results! However, Anemia and B12 Deficiency have plagued my life – and along with those problems – comes an irresistible craving for crunching Ice!

Why I started this Website.

I know that I’m not the only person who “suffers” from this problem, (although I may well be the most extreme) but it’s difficult to find any kind of advice or even understanding about it! I don’t remember a time when I didn’t crave Ice – I have vivid memories of going to my friends house at the age of about 12 and scraping Ice from the roof of her freezer and eating it with a spoon! I also had a cashier job at a local supermarket and would scrape the ice from the bar code to scan it (even though you didn’t need to!) then suck my finger once the customer had gone! I know this is gross but other people must be having to cope with this kind of thing with no one to talk to about it!

Addicted to Ice!

As I have grown up I have found countless ways to make my life easier and more comfortable, like buying Ice machines to make Ice at home, buying particular thermos cups to keep Ice cold when I’m out and about, finding the restaurants and cafe’s that have unlimited Ice machines. I want to pass on this information to anyone that needs it – and also to reassure people that they’re not alone in this strange habit!

I want to help you to save money and stay healthy.

I hope to be able to talk about the health issues and deficiencies which can exacerbate this problem, and also help you to understand which items would be genuinely useful. There are certain foods and supplements which help with deficiencies and I will be trying to find the best value for all of us!
Of course, you may have just stumbled across my website because you are looking for an Ice Machine for your home in the summer or for information about B12 deficiency, and of course, you are more than welcome. Make yourself comfortable – grab a cup of ice and enjoy my ramblings!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Jo Morris



  1. Ashley Reply

    Wow! I have never met anyone addicted to ice (not the drug;)) I really like your article and hope you post more of your ramblings soon. Have you ever met anyone else addicted to ice? has it had any bad affects on your teeth? I look forward to reading more of your posts real soon!

  • admin Reply

    Hi Ashley and thanks for the comment. I have met a few people who are addicted to Ice but maybe not to the extent that I am – I find that people don’t really talk about it, they don’t realize it can be a “Symptom” of something, they just think it’s an unusual obsession – but once they realize that I’m the same – they spill!! Touch wood my teeth have been OK but I know that can be a big problem for regular Ice Crunchers – thanks, that may be my next article! 

  • Karl Reply

    Very interesting. I knew people were addicted to ice because I have been for a few years now. I wouldn’t say I was ‘scrape the ice off the barcode’ addicted like you are but every drink I have has to have ice in it. The only exception being milk. It’s funny how it works though, I rate restaurants by how good their ice is. I prefer smaller bite sized pieces myself because the large cubes take too long to melt down to bite sized and they are too big to chew. Lol. I won’t turn down ice no way, no how. Anyways, thank you for your site!

    • Jo Morris Reply

      Hi Karl, Thanks so much for stopping by and good to know I’m not the only one! I agree about the smaller vite size pieces of Ice, I also like them when they’ve melted a bit and break easily! Ooh Yum! x

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