Polar Counter Top Ice Maker Review.

If you’re looking for an Ice Maker for the home, or even a small business – look no further than The Polar Counter Top Ice Maker. I have a busy household with 7 of us plus pets and visitors! I also have a medical condition named “Pernicious Anemia” which causes me to crave Ice. As you can probably imagine, over the years I have become something of an Ice Expert and this is the Ice Machine that I have at home.

If that isn’t enough of a recommendation for you, I’ll carry on and tell you all about this particular Ice Machine – don’t worry I’m a very honest person and you will hear the good, the bad and the ugly! I Researched for a few months before deciding to buy this particular Ice machine, it stood out above all the rest, and I will explain why below.

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Choice of Small, Medium or Large Cubes.

This is quite a rare option on Ice machines but I find it is the option I value the most, The Medium and Large Ice cubes are perfect for the usual use – keeping your drinks cold! They take longer to melt, subsequently keeping the drink cooler for longer with minimal dilution. The small cubes, however, are perfect for crushing or just crunching (If you happen to be an Ice cruncher like me!) They are a little softer and melt easier than the Larger sizes.

2 Litre Capacity Water Tank.

This is a huge size water tank which means there is no constant filling every time you get a drink! (Trust me there are Ice machines that only hold 50ml!) The other good thing about this water tank, which I didn’t realize until we had it, but now wouldn’t be without – is that the Ice stays cold for a couple of hours in the Holding Bin but it doesn’t really matter if it melts because it melts back into the water tank and when there is room in the storage bin again, it just tops it up with more Ice! My main concern when researching a new machine, is that the ice was kept cold and frozen and that I wouldn’t have to “decant” the frozen Ice into the freezer; but there is no such problem, because – as I said, the Ice bin just gets topped up as the Ice at the bottom melts.

Features and Specifications

  • An easy to use Table Top Ice maker that is filled by hand.
  • A substantial 2 Litre Water Tank.
  • 1 Kg constantly topped up Ice Storage Bin.
  • No need for Water Drainage connection.
  • 38cm High, 31cm Wide and 38 cm Deep. This is a large machine, make sure you have room for it!


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Customer Reviews and Scores

I found 96 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Polar Counter Top Ice Maker 4.4 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

The customer reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive with the only negative reviews being about purchases from a company outside of Amazon.co.uk.

One customer said, “I am at this moment in touch with the company (Next Day Catering Group ) who sold it to me to have it repaired I will come back to you later with the outcome of these talks”

Another customer reiterated ” Mine went wrong and have absolutely rubbish service from Next Day Catering. Reported fault in August 2011, they eventually collected item in November 2011, still, in January 2012 haven’t had item returned nor refund. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. I am writing to chief exec then report to trading standards, if they think I have given up, they are wrong, it is a matter of principle now. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY”

However, no one else seems to have experienced the same difficulties, there were a couple of machines that didn’t work and were replaced quickly and efficiently and the machine does come with a 1-year warranty so there should be nothing to worry about there.

The majority of customers left comments like “Just superb” and, “Excellent piece of kit, more ice than you can cope with” and, “Absolutely brilliant” and finally, “Very pleased with it. Going to buy another for my daughter”

That makes it super easy for me to recommend the Polar Counter Top Ice Maker as well.

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In Summary, The Polar Counter Top Ice Maker is a highly rated and well-loved Machine. It has a more than enough space for both Water and Ice and a good choice of different cube sizes. Well made and easy to use, I am extremely happy with it and the other buyers online seem more than happy to recommend this to others.


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