So last night I was showing a friend this website, just to see what they thought of the layout and pictures, and they started asking me about being addicted to Ice. They literally couldn’t understand it and actually looked at me quite disgusted! I was even sitting there with a massive glass of Ice next to me, crunching away! The more I tried to explain the compulsivity of it – the more they looked at me incredulously. It was a very strange scenario – I’m very used to people just accepting that this is the way I am and just leaving me to it.

Of course, me being me – felt the need to MAKE him understand, so started showing him pictures to show him the extent of my feelings. The first one I showed him was the most beautiful picture I have ever seen and it is of Frosty, Crunchy, Fresh grass – now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to go out into the garden and start munching on grass but this photo is ridiculously tempting! He didn’t get it.

Frosty, Crunchy, Fresh, Icy Grass.
So, secondly I showed him this one of a frosty car and told him that I’m really not as bad as I used to be – when I was a kid, I would wipe my hand across a frosty car like this and then eat the ice from my hand. By the way I am aware how absolutely gross that sounds now but I was just trying to point out how long I’d been dealing with these cravings and how I don’t do disgusting things like that anymore! Although, I can’t say I’m not tempted!

Frostiness on a car!

I think the final straw came when I started talking about Fish!! I think I’ve probably mentioned this already but I have a huge compulsion to grab a handful of ice every time I see those mounds of fresh Ice at the fishmongers counter! This, is when he finally said something. This insightful piece of feedback was “Well, you can definitely call it an addiction” Whilst looking at me like I was an alien and should be sectioned!

Fish and Ice

So please, someone, anyone, please tell me that I’m not alone in this! There must be more of you out there! Please comment if you understand, even slightly, I’m really starting to feel like that Website about Addicted to Ice (as in the Ice = Crystal Meth) would have been more normal!!

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